Livescribe 3 & Echo Landing Page

    Simply write on paper with the Livescribe 3 smartpen and watch it instantly appear on your tablet or smartphone. Your notes become infinitely more useful in the Livescribe+ mobile app:

  • Organize, tag and search notes.
  • Convert handwriting to text to create messages, appointments, contacts and more.
  • Create pencasts that sync recorded audio to your handwriting.
  • Share PDF's of your notes and pencasts.
    Echo Video

    Echo connects easily to your laptop or desktop by USB cable to transfer your interactive notes.

  • Record everything you hear, say and write, while linking your audio recordings to your notes.
  • Replay audio directly from paper by tapping on your notes.
  • Echo Desktop software allows you to save, organize and play back interactive notes from your Mac or Windows computer.
  • Share notes and pencasts as images.

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Livescribe 3 smartpen


  • Livescribe 3 Smartpen (Black/Chrome)
  • Livescribe+ Mobile App (Free Download)
  • Livescribe Starter Notebook (50 Sheets)
  • 1 Tungsten-Carbide Ballpoint Ink Cartridge (Black, Medium)
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Find Compatible Devices: iOS or Android
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Livescribe 3 smartpen Pro Edition


  • Livescribe 3 smartpen (Blk/Dark Chrome)
  • Livescribe+ Mobile App (Free Download)
  • Livescribe Journal (100 Sheets)
  • Leather Smartpen Portfolio
  • 2 Tungsten-Carbide Ballpoint Ink Cartridges (Black, Medium)
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • One Year Evernote Premium Subscription ($45 Value)
  • Find Compatible Devices: iOS or Android
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Echo smartpen


  • Echo smartpen with 2GB of memory (actual user available memory will be less)
  • Echo Desktop software for Mac or Windows (download)
  • 500 MB of personal online storage
  • Starter dot paper notebook
  • Micro USB cable for charging and data transfer
  • Smartpen Tips and Tricks
  • Two ink cartridges (including one pre-installed in the Echo smartpen)
  • One smartpen cap
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