Everywhere you need it to be.
Add voice to your notes, with Pencast.

Voice adds a new dimension to your notes. Re-live important moments, or capture sounds words can not describe. Using both the Aegir smartpen and the Livescribe+ app, you can record audio in sync with your notes.

Search your handwritten notes. Effortlessly.

Our Livescribe+ app gives you the power to search through your handwritten notes, across all your notebooks. 

 No more skimming through notebooks or tags sticking out the pages. All you need is Livescribe+

Your notes, where you need them.

Livescribe+ lets you sync your notes with the cloud service you already use, so nothing has to change, and everything gets better.

Transform your handwriting to text. Just swipe.

The Livescribe+ app is able to transform what you write, into text. Using a simple gesture, handwriting has never been so flexible.

Share your ideas, in any format.

Notes, inspiration, drawings and doodles. Share your notes in the format you need to take them to the next level.